Friday, September 30, 2005


Early on it was Tawny Little (1981: Sigh. She was an LA newscaster, I a lowly teenager who couldn’t get enough news.) Years later it was Teri Hatcher (no, ONLY from the Superman days). And J-Lo (for about 15 seconds.) And (of course) Angelina Jolie (Yeah, I know, I know. But sorry, it’s a requirement for all men, even if they don’t admit it. Helpless... to... resist.) Then Beyonce became my girl. But now I think I’m drifting into a Ciara phase (smokin’, plus she can dance some crunk—a future Wordaholism entry. Hint: Turn up your speakers when you click here. It’s bumpin’.)



  1. A distinct stage of development
  2. A temporary manner, attitude, or pattern of behavior: just a passing phase.
  3. An aspect; a part: every phase of the operation.