Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Discovering Delhi's Delights

I often get queries from businessmen coming to India, asking what they should plan to see during their down-time. Setting aside the inevitable commentary about visiting the Taj or whatever, I’d like to share with you two, shouldn’t-miss stops for any of your future visits to Delhi.

Akshardam Temple: Give yourself 3-4 hours, preferably in mid-afternoon to catch the music-water-light show at dusk. While controversial among some Hindus, I walked away


[Yiddish, from G. stumm] (also schtoom, shtum(m), etc.)
[adj] silent, speechless, dumb; esp. in phrase, to keep (or stay) shtoom
[vi] to be quiet, to shut up; [vt] 'shut it'

Karim’s: Go hungry. You’ll roll out fully

tr.v., sat•ed, sat•ing, sates.
1. To satisfy (an appetite) fully.
2. To satisfy to excess.