Friday, February 17, 2006

Why do I allow this to happen?

I am swamped. My kids are asleep and I need to go downstairs and saw four dowels into one-foot lengths and then make a sample of a ribbon-on-a-stick (think rhythmic gymnastics). Tomorrow morning I have to schlep my children to the fabric store downtown to purchase several metres of bright ribbon because tomorrow afternoon I am coordinating a ribbon-on-a-stick making gathering so these puppies will be ready for the kids to use at church on Sunday.

Have I also mentioned that I am trying to get all of our information/police reports/letters from employers/etc together to apply for permanent residence in Canada? And that we are flying across the continent next month? And that Peter is (finally) potty training? And that we are thinking of moving out of this house? Not to mention all the other regular things I do all week long...

The next ten people who ask me to do something are going to get this response from me:

adv. Used to express refusal, denial, disbelief, emphasis, or disagreement: No, I'm not going.

But perhaps I'll jazz it up a bit...

Translations for: No

Nederlands (Dutch)
nee, neen, nee toch!, geen, (toch) niet, haast geen, tegenstemmen, nr., niet uit (cricket), noord (en)

Français (French)
non, aucun, numéro, nord

Deutsch (German)
adv. - nein, nicht

Italiano (Italian)
no, nessun, zero, Nord, nobelio

Português (Portuguese)
adv. - não, de modo algum

Русский (Russian)
нет, ничуть, север, северный, номер

Español (Spanish)
adv. - no, ningún, ninguno

Svenska (Swedish)
adv. - nej, jaså, inte det, inte, faktiskt

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