Thursday, September 22, 2005

pajamas, not just for bananas anymore

My opinion on the acceptance of public pajamas is two fold:
I have always felt strongly that kids should be able to dress however they want, color their hair, pierce their nose-- whatever and schools shouldn't waste their time regulating it, unless it's indecent exposure(like butt cheeks peeking out of a mini skirt) or promotes hate (like a T-shirt that says "Die Canadians").
However, in general, I feel Americans are incredibly sloppy, embarrassingly so when compared to other countries. When traveling abroad, it's easy to spot the Americans because they'll be wearing workout clothes and cross-trainers with tube socks. C'mon raise the bar of self respect, fellow citizens! I'm not saying you need to spend more time and money-- just say no to dumpy clothes. If you're not an athelete, don't wear track suits. And just because a T-shirt is free, doesn't mean you have to wear it.