Monday, October 03, 2005

Waxy bits

I have this thing about crayons. I cannot bring myself to throw them away, no matter if they are broken, "naked" (wrappers off), or duplicate colors. We have thick ones, thin ones, washable ones, ones made to remain true to color on colored construction paper, ones made up of many colors, glittery ones, softer ones, harder ones...

Crayons always seem so full of possibilities. A brand new box is one of the best things in the world; accordingly, my children get one a few times a year. After a few uses, we take them out of their packaging and put them with all the others in an enormous lidded box which we call, in a startling burst of noncreativity, The Crayon Box.

I just weighed The Crayon Box. It came in at just under 6 pounds.

Superfluity; extreme excess; redundancy.