Friday, September 02, 2005

Hysterical Blindness

I feel this term is appropo, given the continued support (even though it has dwindled) of the President.

There are people suffering, dying, hungry, thirsty, terrified, and sick in New Orleans. It has been 4-5 days and apparently the US has just "mobilized" the National Guard and people are now being transported out of the "war-zone", as I call New Orleans right now. I have heard many say that the government isn't to blame for the mayhem, but yes they are to blame. I've also heard of police looting after they thwarted a looting attempt. Women are being raped. There are bodies lying about. The other day, I heard two babies dehydrated and died inside the Superdome.

This is beyond depressing. The world's view on America has always been pretty shitty and as of this very moment, I do not blame them. This is tragic. The troops that we are supposed to be supporting are desperately needed here. It should not have taken 4 days for some serious help in New Orleans. 4 whole days! It's HELL down there right now. We need some troops here. Our President kept sending more and more and more and more troops to Iraq... did he forget that we MAY need them here at one point or another?


My point. I just don't understand how people continue to be supportive of this man. I just can't see it. Are they totally blind or is it like a marriage? You don't ever go against your man--you have to be a united front! From someone that thinks that most politicians are weasley, there MUST be some hysterical blindness going on! Our President is a screw-up. Plain and simple. He's lied to us. We should accept that and get over it. He won't be re-elected, thank the sweet LORD, but there will be another asshat sitting up in the White House. Be it Democrat or Republican. I just can't see how people are defending him at all. There is no defense for his lies.

As for the governor of New Orleans... meh. No words...

I feel rage, so I won't continue...