Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween Scrooge

There's something a little unique about my three year old. He loathes Halloween. Loathes costumes, loathes all candy, loathes going outside in the dark, loathes it when people carve up perfectly good pumpkins much less light them up...

He went with us anyway, strapped into a stroller as he went limp in protest at the first opportunity. He ventured up the steps of exactly one house, where he was incensed because the residents were sitting on the steps passing out candy instead of behind the door as he thought they should be. He tried to tell them to go behind the door. When they found that cute and laughed, he sputtered in indignation and yelled "I done, Momma!" They called out "Don't forget your candy!" as he was storming down the stairs. He didn't even look back.

The remainder of the night he spent in his stroller, waiting in vain for the French paratroopers to swing in to his rescue.

There's not one thing about Halloween he enjoys. He truly hates the whole

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A situation, organization, contrivance, or set of facts or things.
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