Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Pure relief....

My little guy went to the pediatric pulmonologist today and for the first time in two years (and two peds later!) my faith was restored in our healthcare system. After last winter with two sick children (both with asthma, but one measurably worse--the little guy) and one nervous, uneasy, unsure momma (me), I really thought that all the doctors in this whole state were crazy. All nuts. Until today. The doctor told me that I was right to call it what it is--all the other quacks were calling my son's asthma "reactive airway disorder". Riiiiight. So, when he can't breathe and he's just lying on the couch struggling to breathe, that's just a little "reactive airway disorder". I think not!

The doctor diagnosed him with childhood asthma, and although it's intermittent, we have a plan of action now! We also have the medication to back it up! I was in tears--she put my mind at ease, as this was lying SO heavy on my heart for almost a full damn year. I'm breathing easier, I'm not fearful, and I'm prepared. Thanks, Dr. King!!!! WOOHOO!

Reassurance: (noun) the act of reassuring; restoring someone's confidence