Saturday, February 04, 2006

A is for Apple

Since the day I first tasted them two years now, my favorite apples have been Pink Ladies. My previous favorites, Gala apples, are number two. But Pink Ladies often are not available, so I still make do with Galas from time to time.

Yesterday, at Whole Foods, I tasted an apple I had never tried before. It was wonderfully fragrant, lovely to look upon, and its taste put my beloved Pink Ladies to shame. The apple was called

In Greek mythology, food with which the Olympian gods preserved their immortality.
"ambrosia." The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. Columbia University Press., 2003. 04 Feb. 2006.

Accordingly, my new apple rankings:

1. Ambrosia
2. Pink Lady
3. Gala

None of these would cook well, though.