Saturday, February 11, 2006

Tickled Pink

Today's purchase: The Pink Panther Classic Cartoon Collection!

I've raved before about Looney Tunes, and they represent the best of a favorite genre of mine: the animated short. The Pink Panther continues in the vein of the Looney Tunes, and these cartoons followed in the void created when Warner Brothers closed its Termite Terrace in 1963 after some 1,000 shorts over a nearly 40 year period.

What was unknown to me (back in the day when I paid no attention to such things as credits) was that some of the talent left over from the Looney Tunes effort was responsible for these Pink Panther cartoons. The producing studio, Depatie-Freleng, was a partnership between David H. Depatie and Looney Tunes expat Friz Freleng. Friz had been responsible for some of the very best Looney Tunes, including his share of Bugs Bunny shorts as well as his pet project, Yosemite Sam. Turns out the final run of Looney Tunes (1964-1969) was in fact contracted out to Depatie-Freleng!

These Pink Panther cartoons have the same adult humor, and the same wonderful timing. And the Pink Panther himself is impeccably


Smoothly agreeable and courteous.