Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Objection! Overruled!

I've talked about Law & Order before. In fact, for all the L&O content that bounces around here, maybe Esbee should consider renaming this place LawandOrderism.

Susan tries to sell me on NYPD Blue, which, she says, is "all about the characters." I agree. It's a soap opera. One could blog about a number of words for this show: for instance, surfeit or maybe cloying (he says, ducking).

But in exchange for my suffering thru an hour of her NYPD Blue, our arrangement is that she agrees to watch one of my dreaded L&O episodes on the DVR. She always feigns sleep and curls up on the couch, head in my lap, and attempts to ignore the story.

But she can't.

They're just too, too good!

At the latter commercial breaks, or at the end of the episode, one of us inevitably describes it as

juic·y (jū'sē)
adj., -i·er, -i·est.
1. Full of juice; succulent.
2. --a. Richly interesting: a juicy mystery novel.
2. --b. Racy; titillating: a juicy bit of gossip.
3. Yielding profit; rewarding or gratifying: a juicy raise; a juicy part in a play.