Thursday, March 16, 2006

Clipping coupons

I'm planning out meals for the week, the grocery circulars spread out on the table in front of me, the scissors at the ready. The oldest half-sits on my lap, pointing out items he thinks we might need. He's really getting too big to sit on my lap, but neither one of us is quite ready to let go of it, so instead he half-sits, as if on a stool.

The week is all planned out except for one night's dinner. It's a night my husband will be away on business, and we'll be coming from the barn, so there won't be much cooktime. The oldest slowly points to eggs on sale, then a coupon for syrup. He bites his lower lip hopefully after suggesting breakfast-for-dinner.

Menu complete: eggs, pancakes, bacon, grits.

My mother would occasionally serve breakfast-for-dinner when my father was travelling on business. My brother and I loved it. Eating breakfast foods at night always felt so wonderfully

1. Marked by festal celebration.
2. Providing joy and pleasure.
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