Friday, March 24, 2006

journalistic integrity

I was reading this news story about a teenager who was murdered a few days ago and noticed a miscommunication bewteen the reporting and photo departments.
Next to the photo of the suspect who is named in the caption, is written, "Police said their investigation led to an interview with the 17-year-old suspect, who is a junior, and his subsequent arrest. The boy, whose name has not been released by police because he is a juvenile, was booked at Juvenile Hall in Martinez."

Psst, I think Marlin's in the

clink (klngk)
n. Slang

A prison or a prison cell; a jail: spent the night in the clink.
[After Clink, a district of London famous for its prison.]

But the paper made the

clink·er (klngkr)
1 A mistake; a blunder.
2 Something of inferior quality; a conspicuous failure.