Thursday, October 13, 2005


I almost always have a disposable camera in my purse. Although we have a digital camera, I like the way traditional film works; you are never sure exactly what you've caught until you get it developed. So I grab a few disposable cameras when they are on sale and take one with us to the park, the museum, the backyard, wherever.

And inevitably when I get the prints back, there are always one or two of my oldest son's startlingly orange bear, Macaroni. My oldest wants to include him in our family's visual diary, because he is important to my son. So my son will sneak the camera out of my purse from time to time and secretly take a few Macaroni pics. I can't help but smile when I get the prints back and find them.

Macaroni goes almost everywhere with us, though my son is beginning to want to leave him in the car sometimes when we reach our destinations. He is developing an awareness that not everyone is going to respect Macaroni's place in his life. While this is an important developmental step, it makes me sad.

Be fond of; be attached to. Synonyms: care for, hold dear, treasure.
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