Tuesday, November 29, 2005

But, I want it...

'Tis the season for some prime, USDA Grade A, "gub-ment" approved internet shopping! It's my most favorite. I don't have to do anything but browse and click to my heart's content. But you see, things aren't always so merry in the land of e-commerce.

I just went to one of my favorite sites and browsed a while. I was looking for an ornament for my best friend and I happened across the perfect one. I clicked the ornament happily, to get to the rest of the details--you know, the measurements, colors, etc. Well, when I went to add two to my shopping bag, the word next to the name of the ornament made my heart sink. I mean, if you don't have enough of something, why keep selling it? Why get my hopes up only to let me down?! FIDDLESTICKS!!!!!!! Ugh...

Backorder :

This is a business term and refers to the status of items on a purchase order in the event that some or all of the inventory required to fulfil the order is out of stock. This differs from a forward order where stock is available but delivery is postponed for other reasons.
Different computer systems will handle back orders in different ways. Typically received stock is allocated first to back orders. These orders are then available to be fulfilled in the normal way.

Happy Holidays!