Wednesday, November 16, 2005

You no-good, rotten...

What is the use of some medications if the side effects are worse than the actual ailment you're treating? AY! By the time the side effects are done with ya, you'll be dead or really wishing you were. Who needs flu, depression, and fever just to clear up migraines? Whoa now... pump the brakes. You mean to tell me I have to damn near die to get better? Nosankyoudanielson! My head didn't hurt that bad any-ole-how!

fu·tile (fyūt'l, fyū'tīl') adj.:
1. Having no useful result.
2. Trifling and frivolous; idle: the futile years after her artistic peak.
[Latin fūtilis.]fu'tile·ly adv.fu'tile·ness n