Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Medical, Dental, Vision

We've recently applied for a new health insurance policy. I had to go into a testing center for a pre-approval workup: height, weight, blood pressure, etc. I filled out the application some time ago, so wasn't sure what numbers I had given, and I was more than a bit concerned I might have fudged a number or two and was about to be busted.

I was slightly shocked when my weight, fully clothed, came back only two pounds more than I reported on the application, but I was even more surprised that I had been completely honest about my height. I am notorious for giving myself the benefit of an inch (or three).

Fear of the consequences was stronger than the power of vanity, I

1. Expect, believe, or suppose.
2. Judge to be probable.
3. Consider or deem to be; regard.
4. Make a mathematical calculation or computation.
5. Have faith or confidence in.
6. Take account of.
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