Wednesday, January 18, 2006

He can take care of himself!

My son's 5th birthday party was this weekend. We had a great time and Xav almost fell over when we asked him to answer the door, only to have Spiderman standing on the other side of the door! It was great.

Before that, the party guests started to arrive, but the first one was the most shocking. His friend, a boy of the age of 4, walked through the door holding his mother's hand. I noticed something weird as soon as she stepped through my front door. She gave her son a kiss immediately and said "You be good". Whoa, lady... pump your brakes! She planned on leaving him here as soon as she got the invitation to the party in the mail! I hadn't written "You can leave or you can stay--your choice" on the invite. I thought that everyone would automatically stay with their preschooler. Argh! So, she turns to me and says "Do I have to stay? I was going to run a couple of errands...". Wow. Um, sure lady. Leave your 4 year old here. Forget it if he wants you, gets sick, starts acting a dang fool, or he hurts himself. No need to stay and make sure your precious child isn't hurt or sick or scared. I know what 4 year olds are like. They are fickle, to say the very least. One minute they'll be happy about freaking Power Rangers and then the next they'll be crying because they can't tie their shoes right! Hahaha!

So, as she turned to leave, I muttered, "Yeah, sure... see you at 4:30." WHAT?! Who said that? I need another voice representative! Tell me I didn't say it was all right for her to leave her child here. As she was walking down my driveway to her minivan, she says "Love you, B. Be good! *turning to me* He gets hyper...". Say what now?! Great. Just great. Hyper. Heh. Nice.

I see this woman every day, as we're hustling our kids into their classroom. I only have ever uttered "Hi, how are you" or "This weather is funky, isn't it?", you know, general conversation. Now, here this same woman, who doesn't know anything poignant about me (like whether or not I'm crazy, abusive, a chainsmoker, a habitual cold-cut junkie, etc.) and she left her baby in my care. I'd never leave my boys with people I didn't know. Her lack of common sense and her dash down the driveway left me...

disquieted: adj. afflicted with or marked by anxious uneasiness or trouble or grief
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