Saturday, February 25, 2006

Meet the Kids

We have a new housemate. With the fabulous Miss Dani departed for Brazil's sunnier skies, we found ourselves with a spare bedroom waiting for another good kid. Another Brazilian kid, maybe. Enter Mr. Gabi.

It developed that Dani's best buddy during her time in Wisconsin was a boy she didn't know before coming here, but who lives only an hour's car trip from her home in Brazil. It was undoubtedly most comforting--for both of them--to have another native Portuguese speaker so close at hand.

Turns out he was looking for a permanent (full-year) placement and had not solved that problem by the time she departed. And so, all of us having gotten to know each other quite well over Miss Dani's four month stay, we were happy to bring him on board.

Having no kids of our own, it seems the equivalent of winning the lottery that we should be able to live closely for a while with the two greatest kids in the whole of Brazil. We simply could not have been luckier.

I marvel at their poise and self-confidence. At 16, I was nowhere near ready to depart my homeland to travel abroad alone for a year.

in·trep·id (ĭn-trĕp'ĭd)

Resolutely courageous; fearless.