Thursday, February 23, 2006

Two kinds of crazy

Today, I signed my oldest son up for kindergarten. Where did the time go? I've been watching him grow and all, but this is a huge milestone! He's going to be taking the bus to school. THE BUS, I TELL YOU! He's super-excited. I am also excited for him to be in "real" school, but kind of sad that there is no justification for calling him a baby anymore. I mean, he'll always be my baby, but he's most definitely a big boy now. This is so....

bittersweet: adj.
1 : being at once bitter and sweet; especially : pleasant but including or marked by elements of suffering or regret
2 : of or relating to a prepared chocolate containing little sugar

After we came home, I cooked, I straightened the house, I continued my hiney-wiping duties, etc. Here I sit, blogging and the strangest thought came into my mind and my face contorted in disgust. I'm not so sure I washed my hands the last time I changed a diaper. I think I did, but I don't know. Of course, I just got up and washed them just in case. I know tomorrow is Friday and junk, but catching a mean case of the cooties is not my idea of fun. I had a really long day and my eyes now feel like sandpaper, dudes...

weary: adj. Physically or mentally fatigued.