Monday, April 10, 2006

Get outta here!

When I got to my son's school this morning and finished signing him in, one of his teachers came up to me and said "Did he tell you what happened on Friday?" and I said "No... What happened on Friday?"

She goes on to tell me that my sweet, intelligent, mathematically-gifted baby boy has spit on someone. ACK! Say it ain't so! So, I'm standing there mortified and very upset at the same time. I turned to my son and asked him why he made no mention of it and he already had the "Uh oh! The gig's up!" face on. I had him apologize to the teachers and I did the same. The teacher said she gave him a time-out, but he seemed very unimpressed with it. Little does she know that time-out doesn't impress him unless it's about 30 minutes long! So, I told him that he was going to need to apologize again today to the little girl. He did, while the teacher supervised.

When the teacher was telling me about my son's misbehavior, it was as if the world stopped. Surprisingly, I handled it well. This was our first instance of misbehavior, even the teacher said it was very out of character for him, and while I'm grateful and thankful for that, it still doesn't negate the fact that I wanted to run out of that classroom and hide under my minivan!

Skedaddle: Run away; scram; leave in a hurry; escape.