Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It's okay to stand alone...

So, I'm talking to my neighbor about kindergarten and giving her the skinny on the bus schedules and how lunch will work this year for our boys and she kept saying how she hoped our kids were on the same bus and in the same class and doing the same things together. Now, while this is harmless and well-meaning, I was thinking "I want my son to have his own experiences in the first days of his school career". I'm not the most studious person around, but I'm bright enough to recognize that he may miss out on OTHER experiences if he's pinned to the neighbor's kid--who has a tendency to cry about almost any and everything. I would like it if my son could possibly meet some new kids and sit with new kids on the bus. Broaden his horizons, if you will.

Five years ago, I would have just thought "Yeah, they'll have each other", but I've grown enough to know that at the beginning of his school career, he should be open to all things that are social (positive things, of course). I want to keep him that way--he's charged and ready to go, too. He positively cannot wait to step foot on that bus, see his new classroom, meet his new teacher, and mingle with new friends. That's what I want for him, as I see he wants it for himself.

One thing I missed when I was a child, that I've just gotten comfortable with as an adult is being okay with being my own person and doing my own thing.

individuality: n. 1. a. The aggregate of qualities and characteristics that distinguish one person or thing from others; character. b. An individual or distinguishing feature.