Friday, August 18, 2006

It's a Southern thing

I took the youngest out today to teach him a skill I think will serve him well in life. On the way home, a Yankee friend from our Northern states called my cellphone so I told her about wee lad's new fun, and she had no idea what I meant by the word. I thought she was perhaps just not bright. When she disconnected I called another friend from the West Coast. Again, I had to explain what I meant.

I checked when I got home and came up empty. Google found only a few mentions, all Southern. I checked by phone with a few Southern friends; they all knew the word. Clearly, therefore, this is a Southern word, if not an outright Southern phenomenon.

So let me clue in the rest of y'all.

verb, Southern U.S.
To go walking in a creek in a manner that purposely gets your feet wet. One doesn't leap from rock to rock and squeal when one's foot slips in, for example. This can also be done on horseback (traditionally bareback); again the intention is for the horse to walk directly on the creekbed.