Friday, August 19, 2005

Debit or Credit?

I'm in need of a killer pair of jeans and some nice shoes. Some may not think much of finding the "perfect" pair of jeans, but I do. I haven't had a perfect pair of jeans since I was a size 2. Now that a size 2 is a couple (or really a few haha!) sizes away, I've found out just how hard it is to get something that fits my shape well. Currently, I'm shaped like a potato... with legs and a 'fro. *sigh*

Given the opportunity, I'd go on a shopping extravaganza with my girlfriends. A shopping excursion not for the weak or the easily swayed. I want to spend hours looking for shoes, bags, jeans, and blouses (yes, blouses... I like fancy blouses with jeans!)--even if I come out of the whole hunt with just ONE outfit, at least the outfit would fit me perfectly.

I have fun shopping, but it never really is therapy. In a couple months, it will be a form of therapy. The girls and I are going shopping, b'yotch and we're going to look flab... er, FABulous when we're done! Have to find a hotel with a spa for R05 (secret snooty code, if I told you what it meant, I'd have to smack the hell outta you--hey, I'm not a killa). SNOOTIES UNITE!

Retail therapy: (noun) shopping as a leisure activity or comfort