Thursday, January 12, 2006

Wrong answer, @#$%&!

So, I just called my son's doctor's office to check on the prescription refill I called in this morning. You see, I just noticed this morning that the bottle of my son's medicine said "O refills remaining" on it. If I didn't see that, I would have called the pharmacy, pressed 1, the prescription number, and 1 to confirm and picked up his medicine after 12 pm today. But, I hadn't noticed that the bottle said there were no more refills.

Anyway, I call this morning, left a message re: the prescription refill, and waited to hear something. I called this afternoon to make sure they got my message and to check if they had called it in yet (because we all know that sometimes, the doctor's office forgets to call and tell us this kind of stuff). I called and said exactly this:

Me: Hi, I'm calling for my son--just to see if you guys got the prescription refill I called in this morning. *with a smile on my face*

Psycho Receptionist: No. We wouldn't have gotten it that quick.

Me: Oh, okay. I was just wondering since he ran out yesterday. No biggie.

P.R.: You shouldn't have waited until the last minute!

Me: *gasp* Who the hell are you talking to? Are you having a bad hair day or something? Do you talk to all your patients this way or am I the only one today that you felt like abusing?

P.R. Ma'am, I was simply saying....

Me: You weren't simply saying anything. Is this an advice hotline? I dont' think so, so I didn't need your stinkin' advice. Also, I wouldn't have waited until the last minute if I had at all noticed that the bottle said no refills left. But I guess I'm just too busy wiping butts, cleaning up, being a chauffer, and being abused by the likes of you to have noticed that, huh? *CLICK*


So, I get into my van and drive over there. Too bad for her, I'm about 5 minutes from their office. I get there, park, get out of the car, and enter the building. You should have seen the lady's face!! She knew who I was before I said a word. The look on her face was great. I mean, people stare at me anyway, but she turned a nice shade of "crap, the gig's up" that just made my day. I smiled at her and asked to speak to the office manager. Ahhhhh... lookie here, LOVEY! I don't eat poop sandwiches. Good day.

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