Friday, January 27, 2006

X does not equal X

I'm whipping along I-40. The children are in the back seat, the youngest lulled to sleep by the car's movement and the time of day. The oldest is drowsily reading the signs on the sides of the highway. Suddenly, he is alert.

Mom, how fast are you going?

65 or so.

You have to slow down. That sign says the speed limit here is 55.

No can do, buckaroo. If you notice, I am going the same speed as all the other cars.

They're speeding, too?

Yes, and it's the law that I have to keep up with traffic. I cannot impede it by travelling at a significantly slower speed.

Wait... You mean you have to break the law, or else you are breaking the law?!?

I don't blame him for his outrage. It is slightly

So senseless as to be laughable.
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