Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Bill for $ervices Rendered

a.k.a. Rhapsody in Buick

Lovely amber "Check Engine $oon" flashing light====$free!
Obeying said light===================Let's itemize, shan't we?

  • Check ECM system & clear-----------$75
  • Ignition tune-up-----------------------$150
  • Platinum spark plugs-----------------$78
  • New plug wires------------------------$63
  • Air filter--------------------------------$13
  • Fuel injection tune-up----------------$150
  • Fuel filter------------------------------$26
  • Front brake job-----------------------$150
  • Front rotors---------------------------$140
  • Front pads-----------------------------$100
  • 5 exhaust hangers---------------------$31
  • Exhaust o-ring-------------------------$13
  • Asst. light bulb replacement---------$69
  • KY tax-----------------------------------$30
  • Drum roll, please========== $1,093

I believe, even without the $2,500 we sunk into this heap a couple years ago, this qualifies my old Riviera as financial

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