Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Oh My Goat

My three dogs, all Germalian Shepherds*, went to be groomed. The lady kept talking about using a number 7 this or a number 5 that. I had no idea what she meant and finally left, saying, "Just make them look pretty." At least, I'm fairly certain that's what I said. What she heard, however, was "Make them into goats." Each of the dogs was very nearly shaved, with all fringe around the faces and legs removed, but the tails were shaved for an inch then left intact, looking much like large feather dusters. If only the dogs had shorter legs, they would be dead ringers for gigantic squirrels, but as it is, they resemble goats. Barking goats.

My husband took one look at the poor things and said, "They look like they're sporting the doggie equivalent of the

A haircut that is short in the front, on the top, and on the sides, but long in the back. Mullets have been worn by males and females of all ages, but they have traditionally been most popular with younger men. A slogan or motto often associated with people who wear mullets is: "all business up front, all party at the back."
"mullet." Wikipedia. Wikipedia, 2005. 22 Jun. 2006.

*Germalian = German and Australian Shepherd mixes.