Saturday, June 24, 2006

Vet care, STAT!

The children and I are playing veterinary clinic, pretending their stuffed animals are ill. I'm the frantic pet owner. They, of course, are the doctors. We have a toy medical kit, a brush (for tangle emergencies), and a notebook in which the oldest is dutifully recording details of maladies and treatments.

I pick up the stuffed toy chicken for Dr. Oldest Son to examine. He jumps right in, but quickly stops; he has a few questions. First, he wants to know where the chicken's ears are so he can look inside. I haven't the foggiest. Next, he wants to know if chickens have knees so he can beat on them with the little mallet to test the chicken's reflexes. I'm at a loss again, and it occurs to me that my knowledge of actual chicken anatomy is

1. Resembling a sketch; giving only major points or parts.
2. Lacking in substance or completeness; incomplete.
3. Slight; superficial.
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