Wednesday, July 19, 2006

the truth comes out

Anyone else who's the youngest child knows what I'm talking about. We're not baby-people naturally.
I was the baby, therefore was not exposed to babies and until I had one, I wanted them to all stay 20 feet away from me at all times.

But being a woman, I would catch flack from other women because I had never changed a diaper, and didn't (want to) know how to work babies. Many peers of mine acted like they

wrote the book on

Knows nearly everything about, This expression is always put in the past tense. [Colloquial; second half of 1900s]

babies and I was a big idiot.

But now
their supposed expertise has been shattered in the face of an actual baby. One that they don't just teach at gymboree for an hour.
My baby (and her idiosyncracies) has rocked their world. They don't know what to do with her at all.

I must have not been born with that competitive-woman-sewing-circle-I-know-kids-more-than-you-do gene