Monday, July 10, 2006

R and R

Esbee's marking of Wordaholism's one year anniversary reminded me that I had not posted here in a while. I have another blog that gets most of my energy, and I've not posted much on there either for several weeks now.

When one first begins this blogging business one is faced with a mass of information about what makes a good blog and what one can do to bring readers and popularity to one's blog (that was the case for me, anyway). And so I duly spent my first 1/2 year or so attempting to post regularly so that my few habitual readers would find something fresh when they stopped by. And, following Esbee's lead, I even brought in a contributor both to bring some variety and to assist with keeping a regular stream of posts.

But I've come to realize that many of the recommendations offered to me are in pursuit of different goals than mine. I honestly don't want 10,000 hits a day; I wouldn't want the pressure to keep all those readers happy, nor the inevitable issues that would arise from the comments generated. No, I'm happy with a simple outlet for my desire to write things down, and with a small number of engaged readers--pen pals, almost. I think this was my underlying goal from the start.

But that doesn't mean that I should let that small number keep running into the same post for two weeks at a time! But summers are somehow busier, even without kids. There's yard work to attend to, and weekend trips to take, friends visiting and friends to visit. All things that cut into one's time at the keyboard. Plus I've wondered at times about the amount of time spent talking about life, some of which might be spent living it. Here's the opportunity to test this hypothesis!

So I'm coming to think that maybe blogging is, for me, a rest-of-the-year activity, something best suited to cold winter days when I'm looking for a reason not to go out side.

Summer is my

fallow period.

  1. Plowed but left unseeded during a growing season: fallow farmland.
  2. Characterized by inactivity; undeveloped but potentially useful: a fallow gold market.