Monday, September 11, 2006

Who has time for that?

When we let Sammy outside in the morning, he runs straight to the side of the house and goes potty. After that, he has no schedule. He has nothing that he has to do. He has nowhere that he needs to be. He's free to do whatever pops into his head at each second as it ticks on by. There isn't a place in the yard where his toys aren't hidden (he puts his toys under things), so he can get them at his leisure. He spends a lot of time underneath the deck (the lattice to go around it so he can't do that anymore is on the HoneyDo list). If someone passes by, he might bark. But sometimes he doesn't. In his world of no appointments or deadlines, he actually has the time to bark like mad at a passerby... I wonder why he opts not to sometimes. Perhaps that would interrupt his nothing to do. Probably that would interrupt his train of thought; "There's a fly, look at this grass, the dirt tastes funny today, there goes a car, oh--that's just my tail, OH THE MAILMAN!!!!". Heaven forbid anyone distract SamMaster J from his daily appointment with NADA. He's living the life that I want to live for a day. For one day, I'd like to have his schedule.


To waste time, especially in indecision; dawdle or vacillate.