Monday, August 22, 2005

What the...

Some quotes from a Post article about a fairly recent phenomenon: "reborn" babydolls made to look like likelife babies. Apparently these people actually treat them like real babies.

She is busy showing off her new baby. "See, my boy has been circumcised," she says to one woman and takes off the baby's bottoms to show her.


Off in the corner a woman from England pushes her newest infant in a white and red stroller. Another woman keeps leaning into the stroller and using the outside of her hand to brush the baby's plump cheek. In a nearby chair, a burly guy cuddles a preemie in a blanket, waiting for his wife.


To create the dolls, Kneisley uses pictures from hospital Web sites (which would explain the two babies with realistic-looking, freshly cut umbilical cords with the clips still attached), magazines and "my grandbabies."

These things are plentiful on eBay. The word for this is
1. Of or producing a sensation of uneasiness or fear, as of things crawling on one's skin.
2. Annoyingly unpleasant; repulsive.