Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Vive Clyde! Vive Clyde!

He's still alive, in spite of his recent trials, but appears to have permanently lost sight in the one eye. "Retrobulbar abscess" was the diagnosis, and he's on eye gunk and antibiotics.

Tomorrow, I am hauling him 45 minutes away to a veterinary ocular specialist to find out if the eye needs to come out, in what will be Clyde's fourth surgical procedure in the last six months, or if we can just sew the lid shut. Also, we will find out whether there may be a tumor behind the abscess. If there is a tumor, that would seal the deal for Clyde, whom my husband now addresses as Cha-ching.

sound effect
The noise traditional cash registers make when the CASH key is pushed, signifying that money is trading hands.

Note for Sports Fans: Clyde has now pulled ahead of Pinochet in the "expensive old pet of 2005" race.