Friday, December 23, 2005

1 year = 365 days (366 if Leap)

One year ago today, my husband brought Salsa home from the Guilford County Animal Shelter, where she had been turned in by her former owner five months previously. She was broken-spirited, scared, dirty, matted, and yellow-toothed. She also threw up twice in my husband's car on the way home. I immediately declared her to be, by far, the best Christmas present anyone had ever given me.

1. To take something and make one's own.
2. To accept officially.
[USAGE NOTE Children are adopted by parents, and one normally refers to an adopted child but to adoptive parents, families, and homes. When describing places, one can use either adopted or adoptive.]
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We found Salsa on PETFINDER.COM Please consider opening your home, either through adoption or through fostering, to a recycled pet.