Thursday, December 22, 2005


The second best iced tea is Arizona Iced Tea (sunbrewed, with lemon), which comes in a bottle, an oversized can, or a gallon jug, which is the size we buy. It is a given that the tea goes right up to the tippy-top of the spout. I usually spill some just lifting the jug after opening it, so full is it.

The absolute best iced tea, though, is

sweet tea
A form of iced tea in which sugar or some other form of sweetener is added to the hot water before brewing, while brewing the tea, or post-brewing, but before the beverage is chilled and served. It is a staple beverage in the U.S. Southern states; most family-style and fast food restaurants in the region offer the customer a choice of sweet tea or unsweetened (sometimes referred to as "unsweet") iced tea. However, most Southerners prefer the sweet variant.

Iced tea is normally served unsweetened throughout the rest of the United States: a request for a glass of "sweet tea" in these regions will usually be met with a blank look. Displaced Southerners and others who want to sweeten their iced tea may need to dissolve sugar in the already cold tea themselves, a difficult proposition.
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