Monday, December 26, 2005

For 2006

I'm cleaning out our home, a tradition of mine for New Year's. I like to go into the new calendar with the house not just clean, but streamlined.

The second drawer on my dresser contains hosiery and swimwear. I have three suits, two of which I really like. I could get rid of a swimsuit. But not two. I must have more than one in case I swim twice in the same day.

There's no such thing as only slightly wet when it comes to putting on a swimsuit. In fact, there are only two possible descriptions: completely dry, upon which I insist, and

Unpleasantly damp: clammy.
"squidgy." Worthless Words for the Day. Michael F. Fischer, 2005. 26 Dec. 2005.

My mother never owned "swimsuits". She always referred to them as "bathing suits", which term I also use from time to time.

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