Saturday, December 31, 2005

Funeral food

The vet's office called yesterday to let me know our deceased cat's ashes are back from cremation. The oldest is planning the service; we're interring his ashes in the backyard. I'm planning the reception. I'm serving Moravian sugar cake from Dewey's, which I will warm so that all the buttery brown-sugar goodness is the teeniest bit runny.

We've a large Moravian community here in Winston-Salem. Their influence extends not only to our baked goods but also to our Christmas decorations, Moravian stars being the star of choice here.

1. A native or inhabitant of Moravia.
2. A group of Czech dialects spoken in Moravia.
3. A member of a Protestant denomination founded in Saxony in 1722 by Hussite emigrants from Moravia.
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