Saturday, December 31, 2005


We went to the movies last night and my only stipulation was that we see something "light." I get a little sentimental around the holidays and didn't want a maudlin movie setting me over the edge. We decided on The Family Stone. From the previews I thought it was a light-hearted comedy about a family's crazy holiday antics. It was... at times. At other times - many other times - I had to put my glasses on top of my head to wipe the constant stream of tears from my eyes. Perhaps it was less the movie and more my holiday state of mind or the lingering effects of an earlier unpleasant conversation, but for a movie chosen because it was "light," I sure did spend a lot of time

v. intr.
1. To express emotion, such as grief or sadness, by shedding tears
2. To mourn or grieve
3. To emit or run with drops of liquid

It seems I unintentionally picked a (or picked an unintentional)

n. slang
A grossly sentimental story, drama, or performance