Saturday, July 09, 2005

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Footnote for Koo's post

Fey: a Welsh term for fairy-like qualities, usually of clairvoyant nature.

O fey: French for punk cracker bitch.

Lest there be any confusion.

Not on your nelly.........

I love old-fashioned phrases. There is something fey and delightful in hearing phrases from before WWII from the mouths of babes.

Two current phrases much in use chez-koo are 'Not on your nelly' and 'I should coco'.

'Not on your nelly' means that is NEVER going to happen - Lending your younger brother your gameboy would elicit this response.

'I should coco' confirms that a message has been understood. Alex would reply 'I should coco' when asked if he had understood an instruction.

The following conversation is a snippet of boy-speak over heard today....

'Alex, Sam needs to calm down before lunch, lend him your gameboy for a minute.'
'Not on your nelly'
'Alex, I asked you for a favour, do you want a cranky brother all afternoon?'
'No thankyou Mum.'
'Well then, lending him your gameboy might be kind AND peaceful at the same time.'
'I should coco!'

The ceremonial handing over of the gameboy elicits a delighted 'CRIKEY!' from Sam.

It is like living with throwbacks from a Just William book.

At least they haven't discovered the awful 'whatever' yet. /shudder

Complete Aside

A snippet from , which is well worth a read for many such intriguing morsels.

King Bhumibol, 74, describes Thongdaeng - an indigenous Thai dog who can pick and peel coconuts to drink the juice - as intelligent, loyal and always polite.

This proves it. My dogs are slackers.
cremains: funeral industry term for what is left over after a cremation.

crabitat: popular term among some hermit crab owners for an aquarium set up for hermit crabs.

These words are wretched. May they never cross over into popular usage.
Kerfuffle: disturbance: a disorderly outburst or tumult

Hurly Burly: disturbance: a disorderly outburst or tumult

Never again refer to a child's outburst as a "tantrum". There are much better words. Use them.