Thursday, February 28, 2008

I don't get it...

I woke up this morning and a color popped into my head. Maybe it was a remnant from the dream I had (that I promptly forgot 10 seconds after I woke up). The word "burgundy" popped into my mind. I mean, I like the color fine and all, but why that one? People don't say burgundy often and I've seen it spelled about 4 different ways. I looked it up and it means a couple different things and it's a place. Burgundy is a place, y'all! LOL!

That color also brought me back here to blog about the color burgundy. Weird. I hadn't forgotten about Wordaholism--life kinda got in the way (in a good way). But it's really weird that I ended up here today rambling about the color burgundy. Sounds funny when you say it more than 3 times in one sitting.

burgundy: a dark purplish red to blackish red